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Pointe shoes

We stock two imported brands of pointe shoes:

GRISHKO Style: 2007
(see picture bottom left)
Made in Russia. A strong shoe, beautiful fit – usually for more experienced dancers. Price: R1190.
We also have:

  • Grishko Maya pointes. These are performance pointe shoes. Price: R1190.
  • Grishko PRO pointes. A quiet performance and exam shoe. Price: R1190
  • Grishko Nova. New style, perfect fit. Price: R1299.

Please note that we keep the 2007 in stock while other styles are for order – orders take 48 hours.
All styles are also available with a hard back.

Caring for your Grishko pointe shoes so they last longer:
Feet perspire a lot and leave shoes damp. Pointe shoes should not be worn if they are still damp after class or performance. They should be stuffed with paper to maintain the shape of the shoe and put into a microwave oven on full for 40 seconds (no more). This hardens the block/pointe. The shoes will stay harder for longer.

Grishko split sole canvas with elasticated back R429. Grishko thick pointe shoe transparent elastic R49.

BLOCH Style: Suprima
(see picture bottom right)
Recommended for beginners as it is strong but light, Suprima is a beautifully crafted pointe shoe that comes in a number of different styles.

These Bloch styles can be ordered – orders take 48 hours:

  • Serene – v-shaped and a shorter block in front.
  • Triumph – like Suprima but a stronger shoe with a square front.
  • Sonata – for a weak foot or flat foot.
  • Heritage – flat foot or bunions.
  • Axis – easier, for learners, warm-ups.

Since each style has its purpose, we will fit and advise on the most suitable one for each dancer. In addition, each style can be ordered with a strong back. Price: starting from R1650.

SOFT POINTES We stock soft pointes made by Teplov SA. Grishko soft pointes can be done as special order. Teplov soft pointes R499. Grishko soft pointes R799.

TOECAPS/BUNNIES Local silicone caps R89. Imported gel caps R199.

Please phone or e-mail us if you would like to make an appointment for a fitting.
Please refer to the Contact page for instructions on how to order items from our website.


NEW FROM GRISHKO. A lighter pointe shoe that is perfect for beginners. ONLY R1190!
DREAMPOINTES are similar to the Gaynor Minden American brand, but far more affordable! 
Please call us for a fitting.

"The Grishko DreamPointe is a revolutionary new pointe shoe, several years in the making. This pointe shoe has become the instant favourite of the new generation of dancers worldwide. It has a U-shaped medium vamp with long wings and a drawstring.

The shank is connected to the platform, helping lift dancers on to pointe and feel their roll-through better

  • Higher wings provide unparalleled metatarsal support
  • Insole made from all natural, orthopedic, thermoplastic material makes these shoes incredibly durable
  • Soft velvet memory-foam lining and platform provide the ultimate in comfort
  • Soft pad in the heel of the pointe shoe grips the dancer's foot securely
  • Wider sole in the toe area increases comfort and balance
  • A 3/4 shank helps with placement and form, while allowing the shoe to break in quickly

The DreamPointe is the third generation of the Grishko 2007 and is the perfect balance of tradition and innovation."